I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway sells out, then extends

So this Broadway play thing is going great, but also taking some weird fucking turns: 1. July tickets for sale: The June run of “I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway” sold out weeks ago, and the producers finally opened tickets for the July shows, you can buy them here. Right now, I am tentatively […]

See Tucker Max On Broadway, Get Free Beer

Last week tickets went on sale for the stage adaptation of my book, “I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway.” The two shows I’m attending sold out pretty much immediately, so the director added more shows and asked me to stay for them. Since I’ve never seen a Broadway play and have no idea what […]

I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway

You may have heard something about a play based on my book thats coming out soon. This is not bullshit. It’s a real thing, its called “I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway,” and it begins June 5th. Here’s the Variety article about it, and here’s where you can get tickets. There are quite a […]

A quick thought about altruism

Some of you may remember my little Planned Parenthood media event, where they rejected a donation from me that would have saved one of their clinics. Then PETA swooped in and offered to take the money for a pretty cool idea. But since they are an awful organization, I countered them with the proposal to […]

Opinions are projections

A lot of people misunderstood the point of my “Total Frat Move” review, so I wanted to explain what was going on. Its not up to me to decide who or what is the next big thing in fratire. Its up to the people who enjoy fratire. Life is always right, and people vote with […]