A quick thought about altruism

Some of you may remember my little Planned Parenthood media event, where they rejected a donation from me that would have saved one of their clinics. Then PETA swooped in and offered to take the money for a pretty cool idea. But since they are an awful organization, I countered them with the proposal to donate to a pet charity that was no-kill.

Working for me can get you a 1.5 million dollar Coke commercial

OK, OK–that headline is complete and utter bullshit, but it made me laugh, so whatever.

This is the awesome story of what one of my former assistants, Jeff Waldman, has gone on to do after working for me. I had nothing to do with it and I get no credit for it, nor am I trying to take any. I’m just really proud of him and what he’s done, it’s incredible.