Quotes, May 2013

“One of the great insights of psychoanalysis is that you never really want an object, you only want the wanting, which means the solution is to set your sights on an impossible ideal and work hard to reach it. You won’t. That’s not just okay, that’s the point. It’s ok if you fantasize about knowing kung fu if you then try to actually learn kung fu, eventually you will understand you can never really know kung fu, and then you will die. And it will have been worth it.”
-The Last Psychiatrist

Quotes, April 2013

“You can be remarkable or busy, but not both.”
-Cal Newport

“We all have stories that we tell ourselves about what our lives are—and those stories are always wrong.”
-Shawn Coyne

“Contracts mean NOTHING for it is ALWAYS the character of the person signing that contract. This is what lawyers do not get.”
-Martin Armstrong

A quick thought about altruism

Some of you may remember my little Planned Parenthood media event, where they rejected a donation from me that would have saved one of their clinics. Then PETA swooped in and offered to take the money for a pretty cool idea. But since they are an awful organization, I countered them with the proposal to donate to a pet charity that was no-kill.

Quotes, March 2013

“If you have a ‘passion for writing’ and never do it, you don’t have a passion for writing.”
-Jake Seliger

“Observe the reality as it is. As it is, not as you wish it to be. Perhaps your breath is deep. Perhaps your breath is shallow. Perhaps you breathed in through the left nostril. Perhaps you breathed in through the right nostril. It makes no difference.”
-Satya Narayan Goenka