Quotes, February 2016

“The more elaborate the explanation of why something failed, the less likely it is to be true.”
-Paul Graham

“The secret ideology of education: lots of DATA, but never ever any TOOLS – nothing with which to change self or politics.”
-Alain de Botton

Quotes, January 2016

“Being Loved: the feeling that another person properly recognizes and amply sympathizes with one’s buried distress.”
-Alain de Botton

“Remember, Grammar Nazis: It’s YOU’RE going to die alone.”
-Damien Fahey

“The need to be liked by people you don’t know – or like – should be treated as an illness like any other.”
-Alain de Botton

Quotes, February 2015

“My main life lesson from investing: self-interest is the most powerful force on earth, and can get people to embrace and defend almost anything.”
-Jesse Livermore

“Failure either ruins you, or turns you into the man you can become.”
-Tucker Max

Quotes, January 2015

“The only thing violent video games have ever done is make me sit in the same spot fourteen straight hours.”
-Julius Sharpe

“Behind almost every inconvenience is a new business waiting to be born.”
-Alain de Botton

“If something that seems like work to other people doesn’t seem like work to you, that’s something you’re well suited for.”
-Paul Graham

Quotes, December 2014

“Seems like too many people, public and private sector, are making a living slicing the pie rather than baking it.”
-Naval Ravikant

“The task is not so much to see what no one has seen, but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.” –Schrödinger