RIP, Seth Roberts

Last night, I found out that my friend Seth Roberts passed away. You may not have known Seth, you may not even have known who he was, but he was a very important person to the lives of many people. Though a professor a Berkeley, he championed personal science. He was one of the leading […]

First real Mating Grounds post, thanks for feedback

First off I want to thank all the guys who sent me questions, I got several hundred in just the first two days. I read them all and answered all of them (I think I answered all of them, some of recent ones might still be waiting). Please feel free to keep sending me as […]

It’s Time To Help Guys Understand Sex, Dating And Women, Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Once we realized this was a great idea with a huge demand, we set out to really think about what this book would look like. What information would it contain? How would it teach this information? How would it be so different from everything else on the market? We decided to […]

It’s Time To Help Guys Understand Sex, Dating And Women, Part 1

When I hit puberty, I did what most guys do: I discovered women. And like most guys, from that moment forward, pretty much everything in my life revolved around them. Learning about them, understanding them, talking to them, interacting with them, figuring out how to get them to like me, learning how to impress them, […]

Quotes, March 2014

“Life is not transformed by the accumulation of knowledge, but rather the full-on application of specific knowledge.” -Kamal Ravikant “Dance like no one is watching. Run like no one is watching. Eat like no one is watching. Welcome to being a human. No one cares about you.” -Jamie Woodham “Governments don’t want a population capable […]