Quotes, June 2014

“The stronger the identity, the more it imprisons, the more it resists expansion, interpretation, renewal, contradiction.” -Rem Koolhaas “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tze “How to manage a project: Limit it in scope. Make it simple. Get success. Then iterate.” -Auren […]

Quotes, May 2014

“History books do a good job of leaving out all the boy-fucking.” -Julius Sharpe “On behalf of all of psychiatry: I’m sorry. We have no idea what the he’ll is going on with any of you.” -The Last Psychiatrist “The internet makes everything not enough.” -Alec Sulkin “Technique alone is never enough. You have to […]

How Crowdfunding Will Change The World

This is the copy of a speech I delivered at a crowdfunding conference in Austin this weekend. It’s similar to the content in the series I did a few months ago. I also did some slides with it, you can download them here if you want to see them: How Crowdfunding Is Going To Change […]

Where To Start If You’re Lost With Women

We soft launched one of my new projects (The Mating Grounds) last month with a series of posts about “Where To Start If You’re Lost With Women.” The title pretty much describes what the 8-part series is; a breakdown of the barest fundamentals of sex, dating and women for guys who are completely, totally lost. Part […]

Quotes, April 2014

“Parental love so much easier to give than romantic love; one spares kids that unfair expectation: that they should understand one.” -Alain deBotton “The future is the only thing we can improve.” -Kevin Kelly “Questions draw us together. Answers push us apart.” -Peter Block “A flawed [education and certification] system isn’t better than no system […]