The Mating Grounds Podcast Launch

I’ve already told you about The Mating Grounds, the book/website about sex and dating advice for young guys that I’m doing with Dr. Geoffrey Miller. We are super busy working on the forthcoming book, “Mate,” but in the meantime, launched a podcast. You can subscribe here on iTunes (if you hate iTunes, the other links are in […]

Where To Start If You’re Lost With Women

We soft launched one of my new projects (The Mating Grounds) last month with a series of posts about “Where To Start If You’re Lost With Women.” The title pretty much describes what the 8-part series is; a breakdown of the barest fundamentals of sex, dating and women for guys who are completely, totally lost. Part […]

First real Mating Grounds post, thanks for feedback

First off I want to thank all the guys who sent me questions, I got several hundred in just the first two days. I read them all and answered all of them (I think I answered all of them, some of recent ones might still be waiting). Please feel free to keep sending me as […]

It’s Time To Help Guys Understand Sex, Dating And Women, Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Once we realized this was a great idea with a huge demand, we set out to really think about what this book would look like. What information would it contain? How would it teach this information? How would it be so different from everything else on the market? We decided to […]

It’s Time To Help Guys Understand Sex, Dating And Women, Part 1

When I hit puberty, I did what most guys do: I discovered women. And like most guys, from that moment forward, pretty much everything in my life revolved around them. Learning about them, understanding them, talking to them, interacting with them, figuring out how to get them to like me, learning how to impress them, […]