New book is out: “MATE: Become The Man Women Want”

But–it’s not funny stories of getting drunk, hooking up and yelling curses at people (though it’s sort of related, a little). It’s different than that.

It’s called “Mate: Become the Man Women Want,” and it’s the definitive guide that will help guys understand women and dating (I’ve talked about it before on here).

To write it, I teamed up with one of the pre-eminent evolutionary psychologists in America, Dr. Geoffrey Miller. This is a foundational work grounded deep in science and designed to help young guys understand exactly what they have to do to meet, attract, and date the women they want. It’s fact-based, ideologically neutral and focused on win-win relationships across the board.

Whether you want to just hook-up with a lot of girls, or find a wife, or anything in between, this book will get you there. It’s unlike anything else out there. We wrote this to be the bible for men to understand woman, dating, sex and how to get what you want.

Basically, if you aren’t doing as well with women as you want, this the book will help you understand what’s wrong, and how to fix it. If you’re doing great with women (or you are a woman), buy this book for the other men in your life who aren’t.

The reality is, most guys need help with women. I learned how to get it right, but it was a long, hard road. If you need help, this is the book for you. Read it, and do what it says, and you’re going to get better with girls right away.