I’m Hiring An Apprentice

My company is looking to add some entry level people. But instead of hiring “interns” we’re going to frame this a totally different way.

We’re hiring an apprentice.

It is sort of like an intern, but you get paid, and you get mentored, and we expect you to move up.

It’s also is a position for someone young or inexperienced or otherwise feels they can’t get a chance. If you want a foot in the door, if you want the opportunity to show what you’ve got, if you want to learn and hustle and work with some of the best people on earth at books and content and media, this is your shot.

You can read more about it and apply here.

BONUS: If the job’s not right for you, but you know the right person for it, forward this to them. If we hire them, you get $1000 cash for the referral.
BTW: These might help you when you apply. One of the most noteworthy things I’ve ever done on this blog was the process I used to hire an assistant. It’s detailed here, and we are constructing the hiring process of this apprentice in a similar manner:

Recap of round one

Recap of round two

Recap of round three