Asshole to CEO #6: How NOT To Handle Explosive Growth And Fast Scaling

For most start-ups, getting to product-market fit is the hardest part. For us, it was easy; it pretty much came by accident.

We did 200k in our first two months, and 450k in 5 months–with just two pieces of media and two people in the company doing everything.

Asshole To CEO, #5: My Startup Made $200,000 In Two Months…And I’m Embarrassed

My last piece explained the only lesson you need to become an entrepreneur.

But, seriously: who the fuck am I to tell you how to start a company? What do I know?

Well, I’ve done it myself several times, and the story of my most recent start-up shows every principle in action.

Asshole To CEO, #4: The Only Entrepreneurship Lesson You Need (+ Do Not Read List)

When I was first getting into entrepreneurship, I asked Mark Cuban what he read or studied to learn how to start and build businesses. His response:

“Experience. It’s the only reliable teacher I’ve ever had. No books ever captured what it’s really like. You just gotta do it.”