The next crowdfunding posts

The response to my series on crowdfunding was pretty overwhelming. I only wrote those posts to help me clarify precisely what my thinking was on these issues and to explain them to the employees in my new company; I had no idea so many of my readers were interested in these issues or this part of my life. Lesson learned.

As a result of the response, I definitely plan to write two posts for this blog very soon:

1. The Risks and Criticisms of Crowdfunding: A part 6 to the crowdfunding series that goes over all the criticisms and critiques and risks, and a refutation of the most common criticisms (which are almost all wrong). I didn’t go over that and should have.

2. Explanation of My Angel Investments: Pretty much everyone wanted to know who I’m invested in and why I picked those companies, so I’m going to start a new series of posts detailing these companies, why I picked them, and will continue to do so as I allocate the 500k I am using for start-up investing over the next five years. [I need to come up with a good name for this series, but anything I can think of is really boring, like ‘The Tucker Max Angel Investment List’ or stupidly obnoxious, like ‘The 100 Tucker Max Start-Ups: #3 Goldbely.’ Ideas are welcome.]

I am also thinking about several other ideas for posts in this area, including deeper dives into my thinking on investing, how to find value in start-ups, how to think about entrepreneurship, etc, etc. I don’t consider myself a true expert in this field yet, but I have started three companies, with three very different results; one failed (Rudius Media), one succeeded and was sold (Tropaion Publishing, 2mm in revenue in 2012, sold to Lioncrest Publishing in 2013), and one that is new and already profitable (Story Ark), so I might write about the things I’ve learned from those experiences, what decisions I made and why, and how that has led to my current views, etc.

[NOTE: BTW–I’m making this public to force myself to write these posts, and this declaration is a cheap, easy way to create social pressure. I’m so busy with other projects (that are really, really cool and I’ll talk about soon) that it would be easy to push these posts off. This stops that.]