How To Deal With Cops

I recently had to do an interview to get a security clearance (it’s not for something cool, unfortunately), and the guy interviewing me–having read my books–was shocked I had such a limited criminal history. He just assumed I’d been arrested countless times and indicted on at least a few of them. Not the case.

What You Need To Know About Life, But Haven’t Been Taught

I gave a speech at Pitt yesterday (11/26/12). I have no idea if they’ll put the video or audio online, so this text version will have to do for now.

The basic idea of the speech is simple: what can a college student do, right now, to prepare themselves for a world that they are utterly unprepared for?

Attention Authors: I Tripled My Royalties, And You Can Too

So, I think this piece I wrote on the Huffington Post (and reprinted below) is fairly important. Or at least, it could end up being important, if other big authors understand what I’m saying and end up doing something similar. This is very much the same thing I talked about on TechCrunch TV last week.

What it’s like to play basketball with Obama

I just posted this piece in the Huffington Post, reprinted here:

I was at dinner the other night, and got a question I get all the time:

“What was it like to play basketball with Obama? What’s he like?”

Here we go again, another Obama basketball question. First, let me explain how I even knew Barack Obama: